Tips on arranging the perfect stag or hen activity day or weekend away for a group of people!

Arranging the stag/hen day or weekend is a very important role and not for the faint hearted! We can look after all the arrangements of your day/weekend for you, but you will have the hardest job of all… dealing with your family and friends! Getting information and money from them is like getting blood out of a stone!

When you’re first given the important task of arranging the stag/hen, you come to us for ideas. We can give you various options, different price options, and advice on suitable places to stay and activities, based on what kind of group you have, ages etc. We’re from South Wales and know the area inside and out, we run our own activity centre too so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to activity days!

We usually email you a few options to choose from. Then once you have chosen your day/weekend we can hold it provisionally for you for up to 2 weeks (less if it’s a short notice booking). A deposit is then needed to secure your booking. The balance and final confirmed numbers are due 4 weeks before the booking. 

We’re as flexible as possible though, if you have any problems during arranging it, let us know and we can try and help with extensions etc.

Start asking your family/friends for their deposits as soon as you have chosen your day/weekend. You will need to chase them for it a few times probably! You’ll need to chase them again when the balance is due. Once the balance is paid it’s all done and time to relax! We’ll send you a comprehensive Activity Pack which will include all the information you will need for your trip.

Here are some tips to help you with the process!

Before you enquire with us;

  • Start the process as far in advance as possible – making enquiries well in advance means you get the best deals and available time slots. It also helps people save money and gives you more time to get all the information/payments in from your family/friends.
  • Set a date so we can check availability and prices for you – we need a date to check availability. Try and avoid event dates in Cardiff if you want to stay in the city as hotels get booked up well in advance or put their prices up big time! Bank Holiday weekends can also be booked up well in advance.
  • Get a rough idea of how many people will be coming – ask around the family and friends you think will come along and gain an idea of who’s interested. A typical group size is about 10-12 people, but they can vary from a small trip for 4 people to large 40+ people weekends! We don’t need definite numbers until 4 weeks before, but we need to provisionally book things for you based on a certain number of people. We find that around 20% will drop out from the time of booking to the finalisation of the booking.
  • Get an idea of people’s budgets – have an idea of what people can afford and are willing to pay. Does your group prefer to spend a bit more to have some luxury, maybe a nice 4* hotel or maybe it’s cheap & cheerful all the way, budget hotels!
  • Roughly decide where you want to be and what you want to do – decide on a location in South Wales. Cardiff is the main destination, with its nightlife and restaurants, good shopping and attractions like Cardiff Castle and the Millennium Stadium. Maybe its not a city break you want but a relaxing rural countryside break, in a bunkhouse, large house, camping etc. Chill out together for the weekend, have BBQ’s, maybe visit a local pub or restaurant. The Brecon Beacons National Park is stunning and the place to be for a countryside break. In between Cardiff and the Beacons is the Valleys! There are places to stay in the valleys, which are close enough to Cardiff for a night out but not in the city so it has a semi-rural feel. Have a look at the list of activities on our website and decide on a few activities you’d like to try. We can then advise you if any aren’t suitable for you and talk you through the activities. We won’t put packages together that don’t work.

Make your enquiry with us, receive options from us, then;

  • Decide on your package – pick an option we send you or customise them to get the exact package you want. You can choose it all straight away, or get the essentials sorted like accommodation and activities and think about food/transport later, but everything gets booked up so don’t leave anything too late.
  • Find out who wants what – catering for a group and suiting all their needs/budgets is tricky. Often people can only make 1 night, or have a medical problem that means they can’t do an activity for example. We can price the package differently for everyone if you let us know who wants each element.
  • Start collecting money and information straight away and give people deadlines – it’s always a good idea to give people deadlines that are before our deadlines, someone will always be late paying! We may need food orders, or sizes for wetsuits for example, its good to ask for these straight away too even though we won’t need them until closer to the date.
  • Keep a good record of payments from your friends – a lot of groups keep a spreadsheet or something to keep track of payments received from people and payments made to us. Or just keep a paper log. It’s important you’re thorough as you can end up out of pocket as the organiser if you’re not careful. Here is an example:

  • Make sure you’re aware of cancellation policies, particularly what happens when people drop out – which happens a lot! With us, cancellation is fine up until you finalise the booking which is 4 weeks before. Make sure people know that if they cancel after that they won’t receive any refunds. Also, make sure people are aware that often, a change in numbers means a change in price. E.g. If you go from 12 people to 11 people there’s 1 less person to share the cost of transport or maybe a hotel room, which means the price for the rest of the group will alter slightly, sometimes up and sometimes down, depending on the change. Not everything will change but something’s will.
  • Decide how you’ll travel around transport is a big cost these days. Some groups will drive themselves around (which we’ll help you with by providing very detailed directions and car share. Others will drive to Wales, and then hire a mini bus for the activity day so they don’t need to drive while on their break. Another alternative is to hire a self drive bus, which one of your groups can drive. Sharing transport saves money for you.
  • Keep the group informed – keep everyone informed of deadlines and information required and constantly chase them for it. Maybe create an event or group on Facebook to keep in touch with everyone easily, we can join the group too so we can answer any questions your group has. Delegate another friend to look after part of the group as you sometimes don’t know everyone coming on the trip.

Make your final payment and then enjoy! We’ll send you everything you’ll need so you can relax after that and concentrate on the fancy dress and humiliating things you’re going to do to the stag or hen!