Terms and Conditions

1. Booking with us
When you book with us a contract is made when we confirm your booking in writing. These are the terms and conditions of your agreement with us. You should read them carefully before you book. When you make a booking and we accept it, it is a legally binding contract. You must sign a booking form at the time of making your booking, which is your commitment to pay for the whole package. When you receive a confirmation letter from us, you should read it carefully and advise us immediately if any information provided in the confirmation letter is incorrect. At the time of booking, you must pay a deposit. The deposit will equate to 100% of the total price if the booking is made 28 days before your package takes place. In any event, you must pay for your package in full at least 28 days before departure. The person who makes the booking on behalf of the party must be 18 years of age or over and accepts responsibility for paying for all persons on the booking form and keeping all the persons within the party informed of the booking details. English and Welsh law governs this agreement and accordingly the Courts of England and Wales will deal with any disputes.

2. The price of your package
The price that you pay for your package is based on the occupancy of your party. The prices quoted in our brochure or on our website are correct at the time of publication. However, when we send you your confirmation letter, the price quoted is the final price for your booking. This price is only subject to change should you wish to vary your booking as detailed at clause 4.

3. Our obligations to you

Changes prior to your package
It may be necessary for us to change or cancel your booking. If we make minor changes to your arrangements we will try and contact you before your package to advise you of the change. If we have to make major changes to your package or cancel your package, then we will try to find you a package of equivalent or superior quality. If we are unable to do this but we are able to find a package of a lower rating, we will offer you compensation equivalent to the price difference of your chosen package. If you do not wish to accept a substitute then we will repay the monies paid by you under your contract. However you must inform us of your decision as soon as possible. You will not be entitled to the options above if any change to or cancellation of your package is subject to circumstances beyond our control, such as war, threat of war, terrorist activity, civil strife, riots, industrial disputes, fire, flood or epidemic, natural or nuclear disasters, bad weather or similar events that are beyond our control.

Changes after your package has started
If it is necessary to make changes during your package we will endeavour to make suitable alternative arrangements at no extra cost to you, to enable you to continue with your package. If it is necessary to provide you with arrangements that are of lower rating, then we will compensate you for the difference. If you are not satisfied with the alternative arrangements provided, we will provide transport to return you to your place of departure or an alternative place agreed with you and where appropriate pay you compensation.

Our responsibility to you
We arrange service contracts with carefully chosen suppliers to provide accommodation and services for you. We monitor the services provided by our suppliers on a regular basis to ensure that they meet with our high standards. If these suppliers fail to provide the service that was agreed when you purchased your package, we will pay you compensation. We will accept liability for personal injury claims arising as a result of our staff or our suppliers being negligent, however we are unable to accept liability in the following circumstances:
(1) If failures occur in the performance of your contract which are attributable to you or a member of your party.
(2) The failure is attributable to a third party unconnected with the provision of services for which we have contracted.
(3) If circumstances or events exist that are not usual and not expected and beyond our control, which we could not have avoided even if we had used appropriate care.

If you are in difficulty during you package you must contact us immediately. If you are not satisfied by the services provided by the supplier you must also inform them at your earliest opportunity. We will endeavour to give you prompt assistance to find a solution. We will pay compensation, save for compensation for personal injury, to a maximum of the cost of your package.

4. Your obligations

If you wish to cancel your package
If you wish to cancel your package the lead person on your booking form must inform us by telephone immediately. The lead person must then confirm your intention to cancel in writing. Your booking will not be considered or deemed cancelled until we receive written confirmation of your intention to cancel your package signed by the lead person.

If you have paid additional amendment charges these will not be refunded to you. We will ask you to pay cancellation charges to cover our administrative fees as detailed in the table below.

No of days before your package

More than 28 days Deposit Only
14-27 Days 50%
14 Days 100%

N.B. If your reason for cancellation falls within a category within your travel insurance, you will be able to make a claim to recover your loss.

If you wish to make changes to your package
If you wish to make changes to your package we will do our best to accommodate you. However we cannot guarantee that your required changes will be made, as they will be subject to availability. If we are able to make your required changes we will charge an amendment fee for each member in your party, together with a charge for each change you wish to make. You will also be required to pay the difference if your package price increases as a result of the change. If for reasons beyond your control you are not able to take your package then we will allow you to change your booking. However we will request further information as to why you are prevented from proceeding with your booking.

5. Insurance
We recommend that you take out suitable insurance in accordance with your package. In addition to personal cover, your insurance should cover the possible cancellation of your package, cost of assistance, repatriation and also insure you for the activities in which you intend to participate on your package.

6. Behaviour
We will end your package if, in our opinion your behaviour annoys, causes distress, damage, or danger to another customer, staff or a service provider. Similarly, if you or a member of your party is, in our opinion, unfit to travel and will cause risk to, annoy or disturb other passengers then we will end your package. All members of your party will be held jointly liable for such behaviour and we will not pay compensation as a result of your package ending in these circumstances. If you or a member of your party causes damage to any property during your package you will be held jointly and individually liable for your actions, and for our legal costs in pursuing any claim against you.

7. Health
You must inform us of any health conditions or disabilities that you have when you make your booking. If you have chosen an activity, which requires a certain level of fitness or mobility, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you meet these criteria before selecting this activity. We will contact you if prior to or after confirming your booking you have advised us of any health problems that we consider unsuitable for your chosen activity, to enable you to choose a more suitable package. If you will not consider an alternative then we must refuse your booking.

8. Special requirements/requests
On booking, you must inform us of your special requirements or requests. We differentiate between special requirements and special requests. If you have a special requirement we will do our utmost to accommodate you. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to honour your special requests although every effort will be made to do so.

9. Any problems
We cannot consider ourselves to be liable for any complaint unless the matter is reported at the earliest possible convenience, either to us or the service provider, whichever is appropriate. If we are unable to resolve your complaint you must provide us with written notification of your complaint within 21 days following your package. Failure to advise us of your complaint within this period will inhibit any investigation of your complaint and consequently, the way in which your complaint is dealt with. We will do our utmost to resolve your complaint and at our discretion, offer compensation appropriate to your complaint if we consider that we, or the service provider are at fault. However, we do reserve the right to refer the matter to arbitration if we cannot reach settlement.